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Bird Proofing Netting Cage


There are many different types of balconies but the one shown has a simple square 50mm pigeon net fitted around the walls and roof.


Ornate Plasterwork

This shows the ornate plasterwork under the parapet wall of an old building in London. 28mm stone coloured netting has been fitted to protect the sheltered ledge against starlings.


Church Window

Outside Coolers

Car Park

This building is a factory converted into a car park. The remit was to fit a pigeon net that followed the contours of the roof to both stop pigeons landing on any horizontal ledges but also to protect against the ageing roof panels falling.


Fire Escape

Grain Silo

This grain silos supports radio transmitters which needed proofing against starlings.
28mm netting was fitted completely over the top of the silo.



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